Wall Heaters


Type: Wall Heater

150W & 200W/m2 Electric In-Wall Heating Panel In-Wall Heating Panels are perfect if you wish to extend the luxury of the floor heating to the walls, ideal if you wish to heat a small area of the wall or for whole room heating; this is particularly suitable in dwellings where heat loss and poor insulation is an issue. The In-Wall Heater Panels, suitable for use behind tiles or natural stone are available in two wattages, 150W/m2 & 200W/m2, offering you a choice to add additional heat with the 200W/m² which is particularly suitable for high heat loss rooms.

For more information on the application of the In-Wall Heater Panels or to receive a quotation please contact our Projects Division on 01462 672960

FEATURES: The thinnest dual-fluoropolymer coated heating wire (less than 1.8mm diameter) Operating Voltage: 230: 50Hz Toughest wire - multi-strand core, double-insulated using advanced fluoropolymers (ECTFE) Width: 500mm (0.5 metre) Sturdy glassfibre mesh for extra durability IP Rating: IPX7 High quality double-sided tape, for easier installation Output Rating: 150W/m² and 200W/m² Protection Class: I CE Marked Lifetime Warranty and SafetyNet™ Installation Guarantee 


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