Pro Warm under wood/carpet/vinyl foil heaters


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ProWarm™ Electric Underwood Heating Mats provide a reliable and effective underfloor heating system that work with laminate floors, engineered wood floors and solid wood floors.

You will also require Insulated foam underlay with this product.


For Carpet and Vinyl you will Also need Dual Overlay 

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The Warmup Foil Heater is a streamlined electric radiant floor heater designed for use with carpet, vinyl, wood and other floating floors. We recommend using the Warmup Insulated Underlay and Dual Overlay Systems for maximum efficiency (excludes bathrooms; cannot steam clean carpets). Warmup has successfully completed controlled tests with Amtico and Karndean flooring. FEATURES: Installed directly under floor finish; no self-levelling required Fully earthed flat aluminium foil will not raise floor levels Wire based system can be adapted to fit around objects Great for heating under floating floors such as laminate and hardwood

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