Insulation Boards Covers 0.72m2


Cement Coated Tough Insulation Boards Insulate and waterproof in one easy step with Our Insulation Boards. Made from extruded polystyrene and faced with 0.5mm glassfibre mesh reinforced polymer-modified cement mortar, they have a high thermal insulation property for energy efficiency and an added benefit of sound proofing. The boards can be used on walls or floors and are ideal for applications such as dry lining, insulating and waterproofing in areas such as wetrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. FEATURES: Easy to cut and shape around fixtures with a knife or saw Comes in a range of thicknesses to suit floor and wall applications. Can be fixed to solid or stud walls Holds wall tiles up to 62kg/m² and floor tiles up to 30 tonnes/m² Joints must be sealed to make them waterproof High thermal insulation, resisting heat loss and increasing the heating system’s efficiency Impact sound reduction dl =21 Ready for tile/plaster – no additional prep work needed Excellent as internal wall insulation especially when compared to standard cement building boards and plaster boards 

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