Dual Overlay comes in packs of 2.88m2


Type: Dual Overlay

Warmup Dual Overlay Warmup Dual Overlay is a free-floating subfloor, offering a smooth and seamless finish for carpet, vinyl and linoleum. The two layers protect the heating wire from sharp or heavy point loads and provides even heat distribution. Installation is dry, clean and quick. Both the Insulated Underlay and Dual Overlay are designed to work together with Warmup Foil Heaters FEATURES: Consists of a base board (3mm deep) and top board (4mm deep) with a contact adhesive to bond them together Provides a stable subfloor on which a variety of floor coverings can be laid Very thin at only 7mm in depth Protects electric heating wire from damage if flooring is not laid immediately Installation is quick, easy and dry - no need for self-levelling Provides even heat distribution NOTE: Always check compatibility of flooring with electric underfloor heating.

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