4iE WiFi Thermostat


Type: Thermostats

  • 4iE SMART WIFI THERMOSTAT Smarter. Better. Independent.™ n
  • For radiator and underfloor heating systems.
  • The 4iE learns how homeowners use their heating and the unique way their house reacts. It then automatically suggests ways to save energy, suggesting what temperature should be set when you are not at home and when you can turn the heating off early.
  • The 4iE offers many features and benefits that make it stand out from other smart thermostats, offering important advantages to the homeowner and trade professional: Smarter - Many thermostats can be controlled by a smartphone. Only the 4iE, using over 10 years data analysis from the Warmup Research Centre in Germany and the Warmup Monitored Family Homes Programme, learns how you use your heating and tells you how to optimise your temperature settings.This ensures you do not have your heating on for a moment longer than necessary.
  • Better - Smart Overrides makes it quick and easy to control your heating if you are running late or having an early night.
  • The 4iE offers you local weather forecast and travel updates. You can even upload a personal photo background. Independent –
  • Warmup is independent from energy suppliers and the 4iE works automatically to find you better energy prices from alternative suppliers. FEATURES: Smartphone control - Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to control your heating. Learning mode - You can set the 4iE to learn how to use your heating. It will then automatically suggest ways for you to save energy. Self-adjusting - Early start technology ensures your home is at the right temperature at the right time. Energy monitoring - Graphical displays of energy usage and costs, alongside usage comparisons and forecasts. Set programs – Allows you to set up to 5 programmable periods per day for efficient energy use.
  • WarmApps™- The 4iE offers unique customisation by allowing users to upload a personal photo background. It will even provide local weather forecast and travel updates. Smart Overrides™- Intuitive control of your heating. No need to reprogram if your routine changes. Energy saving advice -
  • The 4iE finds smart ways to lower your energy usage and works automatically to find you better energy prices from alternative suppliers. Experts on hand – The Technical Support Team (UK based) is available during business hours to help you in setting-up the 4iE and resolve any other issues or queries. Colours - A choice of 2 colours to suit your décor: Onyx Black and Bright Porcelain.

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